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Wednesday, July 09, 2008
Zen X-Fi Launched!
It's official! The Zen X-Fi has launched in Singapore! As suggested by this blog post earlier this week, the X-Fi has officially landed on the Creative site. CNET Asia had the whole scoop a few hours ago, but I'll sum it up here.
The 8GB, as rumored, will not support wireless. It will have every other feature of its bigger brothers though. Those brothers, in 16GB and 32GB variations, will be 2.5" TFT LCD screened, chrome backed players with an external speaker and SD/SDHC support. It weighs a mere 68 grams. All players will come with the premium EP-830 earbuds. The interface, as suggested, will be the same as the original Zen, but with a nine button keypad to back it up. Those nine buttons will allow the user to input text cellphone style. The wireless will support streaming as well as Yahoo! and MSN Messengers. The battery life is spotted at 36 hours audio, 5 for video (assuming X-Fi Off). Price: 8GB $150, 16GB $250, 32GB $300.
(Right picture: CNET Asia)
I got into the chat page using the serial on the CNET Asia site (heh) and the chat account aint much: Look to the right.

Official Page, Microsite
Hit up Kingone's blog for the first unboxing and pics. He's also got a VERY in-depth review posted. It's in the blog network box.

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