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Friday, July 04, 2008
Zen X-Fi to be released next week?
Over at the nothingbutcreative blog, kingone has some interesting information: the new player will be announced next week. In the first post, he says
We do know by now that the ZEN X-fi comes in 3 capacity (8,16,32GB), Wi-fi and non-Wi-fi and there seems to be something more than what it seem to be at the back of the player. We will find out eventually when the player is released next week!
Those sentences may seem poorly assumed for a person who has been reading Engadget and the news posts at epizenter, but kingone is a regular poster on the forums at epizenter. He has very strong connections with the company, as he shared some information on the never-released Zen Share. He followed up with a post today discussing the price drops in Singapore, Creative's home country.
In anticipation of the release of the ZEN X-Fi next week, Creative have slashed the prices of the ZEN.
That's the first line of the second post, which he follows with discussion over the substantial discounts in Singapore. (32GB Zen is now $379 U.P. down $120 U.P.) Both those lines as well as the substantial price drop point to his imminent release.
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