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Saturday, June 28, 2008
Creative Zen X-Fi CONFIRMED!
Update: It's been officially unveiled by Creative: Read this.

Here and at only!

I can personally confirm that the new Creative player has the following features:
Video Playback
SD Card
Wireless streaming connection (like Windows Media Extender)
Wireless chat
FM Radio
Audible Support
Connect to Creative's own media server
Power switch is on the BACK.
Same UI as the Zen.
Works with Windows Live and Yahoo Messenger

Here's the app hosted on a private server.

Here's some screenshots!
Playing from Creative's new media servers.
Play music from your PC, much like the Zune. Except this has full media streaming. I haven't seen anything about wireless sync. Yet. But that would be an easy add-on with a firmware update.
Interesting About the Player shot.
Avatar system for wireless chat.
Yup, I found them first! Creative's new X-Fi DOES have wireless in it! It appears chat is one of those features. Nice. What else is beyond my knowledge.

But now I'm doubting that Zune. Seriously.

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Blogger BSC said...
Kick ass, but what took them so long?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
But still no Mac support. I'd dump my ipod in a minute if this was available for Macintosh users.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The whole point of going with Creative Labs is to NOT support Apple/MAC.

Blogger brahmasoccer09 said...
So they're a little late. Better late than never.
And you can use XNJB for all current players:

Anonymous Tracy G said...
very interesting link brahma. so it is possible to upload a new firmware on zen so that it works on Mac. That's cool and one more reason I might, just might, get a Macbook. I refuse to buy ipods as the recent models are utter garbage in terms of audio and build quality... I had to many going thru my hands if you get my drift.
Btw. This new ZEN from Creative is official now:,39050461,62043629,00.htm