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Sunday, July 20, 2008
Zen X-Fi Priced and Shipping; Zen Krystal unveiled
The X-Fi is officially shipping! Several sites, including Amazon,, and others have the device in stock. Others, including Creative's official site, is already sold out of several of the models. It's apparently a very hot seller, as the $279 32GB is the #34 selling MP3 player on Amazon, passing the original Zen 32GB. My recommendation is through Newegg, since they have excellent customer service, they currently offer free 3-day shipping, and only NY residents are charged sales tax.
Also in Creative news, the Zen Krystal was leaked by the Creative HK site. It's basically an upgraded Zen Stone Plus with much better styling. It adds a few cool features, such as games, a pedometer, and other jogging goodies. Perhaps the bigger news about the player is its increased size- it's a 4GB player now. It's incredible at how smaller and cheaper memory is becoming every day. It's currently on sale for HK$698.00, or $89 US. Hit the link below for a full rundown of the Krystal.


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