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Thursday, July 03, 2008
Site Redesign; New Forums

For the first time in over a year, I've redesigned the blog. Most notably, of course, is the new theme. It's a theme that was made by Nick La at ndesign-studio, then ported by I abhor the mess of navigation that is OSX, but anyone has to admit it looks pretty good as a theme here. If you've been visiting the site over the past few days, you'll notice I fiddled with the sidebar to increase attention. If you've been using RSS, please update to the FeedBurner one- it gives me stats to help me develop new posts. I've also submitted the site to Yahoo! and MSN search, so it should show up in the next few days in their archive. I''ll be putting some AdSense links up in the coming days, as I hope to generate some money to pay for the new domain that this site will soon be- I'm working on a megapost on must-have apps for a power user that should be up soon. If you have a moment or two, I'd be grateful for a few comments on the new layout. Good? Bad?

Forums are up! Should I get a dedicated forum?

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