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Friday, July 25, 2008
New Domain, Zen Mozaic, Upcoming Posts
First off, this page should be directed at instead of the .blogspot domain. That's way cool. Expect a real website coming up soon, and all the links previously used will either autoforward to their new home or stay where they are.

In Creative news, they launched the new Zen Mozaic (yeah with the Z), which is their update to the V series. As with the X-Fi, it looks better in a hand than in a promo shot. Here's its product page.

Here's what I have planned for upcoming articles:
  1. Zen X-Fi Unboxing, Hands On, and Review (I'm not selling this baby!)
  2. Link dump for a few videos I've mixed for my brother's baseball team (who are state champs, congrats)
  3. If I ever get around to it, my two cents over The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene. It's our summer reading, and I might as well post my thoughts on the book. My intellectual friend Josh already has his opinion over at his blog. Take a look.

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