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Wednesday, July 02, 2008
FCC Documents for the Zen X-Fi; Other Rumors Abound (TChatter? 8GB No WiFi?)
Jenn Lee over at has unveiled some more information about the device via the FCC website. The only thing confirmed spec wise is that there will be a 32GB model. The device has passed FCC testing, and the documents were available June 23rd. This points to a very imminent release, as the FCC is the last hurdle for wireless devices before they are allowed to hit the American market. For the full writeup, as well as some device images, hit the read link below.
Also while searching the interwebs for more information on the player, I came across an interesting point on ITPortalPro (Read) and The Tech Hearld (Read) talking about the IM. Both articles, while citing Epizenter as their source, discuss "TChatter" as the IM service. That would allow for Google Talk as well as previously mentioned Yahoo! and Windows Live Messengers. I have not seen any information about TChatter on the player, but a quick Google search revealed little. The only thing that points to TChatter as an IM service is the first result, which is a generic 'about instant messenging' page.
Also, while browsing the web, I came across another tidbit- the 8GB will not have Wi-Fi. I saw it yesterday, but I cannot remember what source it was from. The report cited no sources, but as with the TChatter info, some of these people seem to know more than they tell. Perhaps they are insiders at Creative? Take both of the TChatter and 8GB rumors as such- rumors.
UPDATE: That 8GB no wireless rumor came from EnzoTen (aka Grahm Skee) at AnythingButiPod.

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