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Saturday, January 26, 2008
Ron Paul on Front Page of the SA Express-News

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Ron Paul was among the headlines of today's paper. Of course, this is the Express-News, but I'm glad to see he got a bigger spread than the deadly hand sanitizer.

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The Express-News was the 35th most read newspaper in 2005, with
333,902 as the circulation according to Wikipedia. It is the third most-read paper in the state, behind the Houston Chronicle and the Dallas Morning News.

Overall, I thought this was one of the better articles about the man. It also shows what a kook that Dem was. Usually, the authors say what he has supposedly "said" about MLK, but not what he really said. I'm glad he clarified that post later. I also learned a few things from the article, most notably that Bush backed his opponent in his 1996 run for Congress.
Texas gets 140 of the 988 Republican delegates. That's almost fifteen percent. Paul has until March to get to Texans. Hopefully, we Texans will correct the mistakes of out current prez by making the right choice for 08. Below is a presentation regarding how screwed up our democratic system can be.

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