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Thursday, October 11, 2007
Lose your Creative Zen Vision:M Installation CD?
Anonymous Fed said...

Don't you know is this CD compatible with vision w?

Blogger brahmasoccer09 said...
I'm not quite sure what your question is. I have since uploaded the Vision:W disc, and they are slightly different. Hope that helps.

Anonymous tin said...
hi, i badly needed ur installation software but i cant get through d dwnloading. please help. tnx.

Blogger brahmasoccer09 said...
What problem are you having? Which one are you trying to download? The files are fairly large as they are only compressed in a ZIP file. FileFront has great uptime, so I would doubt it is them.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Once I have d'l this and unzipped the files, what then?
I need to use the media explorer, etc. to get mp3s onto my Zen, but not sure what to install.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i cant find your creative vision w media on your website. is it still up there? do you know anywhere i can get it ?



Blogger brahmasoccer09 said...
Yeah, sorry about that, FileFront deleted it. I've got the ISO on my PC, I'm searching for a suitable file host that won't delete it. It'll probably be up by the end of the week on FileDropper or similar.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Um I need your help I'm trying to download zen vision M on file front but it won't work it only gets to 22% and then it says error can you please send it to my email address or tell what to do here is my email address so you can answer back

Anonymous Karla Cakes said...
I need the cd installation.. cuz i lost the cd. I have the software in my cp already but its freezing.. sooo any ideas where i can download it ??

Blogger brahmasoccer09 said...
If you follow through to the link, I've provided a link to the ISO file. The reason I don't post it here is because I don't update it is in case there is an issue and I have to change the URL of the file.

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